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Kuliah 5 (Hjh Halimah Harun)

Kuliah 5 (Hjh Halimah Harun)

This is to be the most ‘special’ lecture ever since I was in DPLI. The lecturer came in without introducing herself, no briefing, nothing. We were required to answer some questions regarding reasons becoming a teacher, teacher’s duties, the teachers we like the most and dislike the most without reasons etc, on a piece of paper. At the end of the last question, we were required to draw a tree and state our name with birthday there. We passed up the answers paper to the lecturer and some of us were being selected to voice out our opinion on the activity. It seemed that the tree we drew represent our personal characteristics. But exactly how it explains my personality? I wonder, as no explanation was given towards the end of this activity.

Some of my answers for some questions (activity 1):
1. Mengapa ingin menjadi seorang guru?
- suka berkongsi ilmu
- berminat terhadap psikologi kanak-kanak/pemuda-pemudi Malaysia
2. Tugas seorang guru?
- mencungkil bakat pelajar
- menyampai ilmu pengetahuan secara hikmah
- memberi peluang belajar yang samarata terhadap semua pelajar
- menyempurnakan tugas pentadbiran yang diamanahkan
3. Guru yang paling disukai? Sebab?
- Seorang guru darjah yang mengajar bahasa Cina dari darjah 4-6.
Guru berkenaan cekap mencungkil bakat setiap pelajar dalam kelas yang mengandungi 50 orang pelajar. Guru berkenaan rajin menyediakan bahan P&P yang relevan levelnya bagi kelas saya. Guru berkenaan sentiasa mempunyai idea yang resional untuk dijadikan hukuman dan peneguhan bagi kelas saya.
- Seorang guru yang mengajar Biologi dari tingkatan 3-6.
Guru berkenaan mempunyai sikap yang sabar terhadap sebarang pertanyaan kami. Guru berkenaan mempunyai pengetahuan yang dalam tentang subjek yang diajar. Guru berkenaan seorang peramah dan selalu mengikuti jejak tren kegemaran pelajar pada sesuatu ketika.
4. Guru yang paling tidak disukai? Sebab?
- Seorang guru yang mengajar Kimia dari tingkatan 4-5.
Guru berkenaan tidak menguasai subjek yang diajar dengan baik, isi kandungan yang disampaikan oleh guru berkenaan tidak dapat diterima dengan baik di kalangan pelajar. Apabila terdapat sebarang pertanyaan, guru berkenaan selalunya tidak dapat memberi penjelasan yang memuaskan kami. Ini menyebabkan pelajar mesti mengambil tuisyen di luar waktu sekolah untuk subjek ini.

Activity 2: We were asked to group ourselves in pairs, discussing about one presentation during Seminar Pedidikan serantau Ke-4, that was related to action research. Some of the groups were being selected to present their discussion. From there, the lecturer pointed out some characteristics on that particular presentation which categorized it under non-action research.
It seems that experimental research is the kind of research with all the research steps unchanged from the beginning till the end of research. Survey is also not a kind of action research. Whereas if we were to do research on some one’s thinking, our research is to be called as ‘Ideology research’.
As for my group discussion, my partner and I thought that the topic we were talking about is an example of action research, but later after listening to our lecturer’s explanation, we found that the topic we were discussing about is to be categorized under experimental research rather action research.
The topic we selected for discussion was ‘Penggunaan Pendekatan Konstruktivisme Di Kalangan Pelajar Sains Biologi SMPN PekanBaru’. The research was conducted to see the influence of using constructivism approach in students’ learning result and the method used was quasi experiment. The instruments used were pre test and post test design measuring skill process in both experimental and controlled class. As per the lecturer, research with control class is considered as experimental research rather than action research.

There was Tugasan given as usual. What we need to do this time is to form a group of 5, prepare a proposal on action research to be hand in after 3 days.

And that was the end of the 3 hours lesson. I personally think that the lecturer should have at least shared us the ways on preparing an action research proposal. But it seems, I am wrong. Because we were left in the lecture hall, having no any idea on exactly how is a proposal of action research should be, how should be the proper format of proposal looks like.

Well, maybe we were thought to be more-than-degree students and thus we were expected to learn by ourselves without depending on the lecturer for spoon feeding. But as for me, I prefer a lecturer to attend to a lecture with well preparation, with at least some guidelines for the students for reference, so that the students know their position where they should be and understand about the scoop of that particular lecture, thereafter able to look for further information regarding that lecture if necessary.

Not containing any mean of prejudicing, just to share my point of view.

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