Monday, May 11, 2009

Kuliah ke-4

Steps in Action Research Process

Litereture review:
- review on books, journals, seminar articles & reports
- think critically while reading through
- required HOT (high level of thinking) -->make comparison and differentiation, analyze, evaluate, summarize, syntheses
- Make comparison & differentiation = look for the similarities of criteria (characteristics, quality etc)
- this technique is required when there are 2 or more characteristics/probabilities and also when doing selection/making decision
- Analyze = break down all the information into small pieces so that the concept can be understand easier, thereafter to figure out the hidden meaning
- this technique is used to understand about the relationship between small pieces/parts & know about the principle involved
- Evaluate = consider about an issue in terms of its pro and cons based on the valid evidences
- this technique is used when we tend to make decision on a selection or accept/oppose an idea
- Summarize = making facts on the outcomes of research based on hypotheses
- Synthesize = gather small parts of information together to form a cluster which all the small parts have link between each other, thereafter produce new statements for better understanding

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