Monday, May 25, 2009

Seminar Pendidikan Serantau Ke-4

Title : The Effectiveness of Multimedia in Education Package to Motivate Literacy (MEL) amongst Preschool Children
Author : Munir
Session : 1B3 (11.10am-11.30am)
Room : Merbau

Main ideas:
- Aim: study the effectiveness of MEL in comparison with conventional literacy programme. - Methods: quasi experimental design & ethnographic approach
- Samples: 40 pre-school children (20 taught using MEL package, 20 using conventional package (BAWAL))
BAWAL = traditional reading materials; MEL: reading material presented through computer
- Data analysis: qualitative & quatitative with Wilcoxon & Mann Whitney test
- Conclusion: Children were motivated to learn literacy more impressively through utilization of MEL package

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